Earthwise Residency

Reconnect with the living world

Welcome to Earthwise

Earthwise is a residency for art and science, working with the-more-than-human.

We are located in the middle of a beautiful, hilly national park, and here you are invited to immerse yourself in the land through artist residencies, work retreats, by renting the facilities, or participating in our events.

Welcome to a both calm and buzzing, artistic environment where you co-live with all beings.

Earthwise is artist-led and has its roots in performing arts, sustainability, forest therapy, and working with the land practically and spiritually.





  • Sensuous knowledge and the planet’s future


What is it?

  • The symposium includes workshops, talks and debates, with 5 workshop days scheduled throughout the 7-day event. Additionally, there will be performance excerpts, lectures on the common creative, and sharing sessions. These engaging activities will be interspersed with delightful vegetarian/vegan meals. The symposium is designed as one durational, staged event aimed at stimulating both the intellect and the senses. Accommodation and food are included in the price for the workshops.





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