Ways to stay here

Earthwise Residency welcomes people who has an interest in the more-than-human and relate to our values. We are mainly visited by artists and scientists, who are here to research or facilitate a workshop, but we also have other types of guests, for instance companies on excursions or therapists working with clients, etc.

Besides offering stays, we repeatedly open the doors to small events, such as Christine’s guided sense-tours in the forest, moon yoga, or intimate concerts. We also host bigger events such as Earthbound Symposium.

In short, to come and stay here, there are several options:

1. Residency

Curated artist residency
(in development)

More info here

2. Work retreat

Self-payed work retreat
as an artist or researcher.

More info here

3. Rent

Rent facilities for your
own workshop or event.

More info here

Artist residencies and work retreats

If you are an artist or researcher interested in spending time here, either as a self-payed work retreat or as a regular artist residency (beginning in 2022) you can find more info here.

Rent facilities

Earthwise Residency is open for private workshops or company excursions with a focus on nature/land, care and sustainability. You can rent just some or all of the facilities for a day or more, depending on your project – we tailor each visit in collaboration with you.

We offer among many things, a residency house, a studio, and 13 hectares of land (learn more about our facilities here). If interested, we also offer guided sense-tours in the landscape.

If you would like to visit Earthwise with a project, please contact info@earthwise.dk with a short description of you and your activity, and we will get back to you. Please take a look at our values before getting in contact.