Anne-Mai Sønderborg Keldsen (DEN)
Visual Art

Anne-Mai is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and will work on her project ‘Landskabets indre landskaber’ (the inner landscape of landscapes) during her stay at Earthwise Residency.

The project takes a point of departure i the danish landscape and the human understanding of it. A land were agriculture trumps wild nature. A flat land with no mountains, no rivers, no volcanoes and no glaciers. A place where witches were burned. Where old trees are overturned by the storm in winter. Where ice crystals might crack under your feet and light from a lighthouse is moving on the beach. Where amber reaches the shore like small physical pieces of time. Where there is incomprehensible turquoise water, seeming to come from a place between reality and fantasy, at limestone quarries.

With an open approach to photography and no digital editing, Mai is striving to bracket her expectations to the landscape by using the camera as her interpreter and the night as their meeting spot. She wants to investigate the mentality, memory and pulse of the landscape. The inner landscapes. Questioning her own experience of her surroundings: How to sense the world without knowing truth about it? With what kind of gaze should you look for something you don’t know what is? How to map without taking ownership? How to photograph without defining?

"An old pine-tree would be the first thing to greet me every morning when I rolled up the curtain to see what sort of weather was hanging over the hills that day. I would walk among these hills every day, seeing the first signs of spring appear as we slowly moved from march to april and getting to know this landscape that moves up and down like a piece of music or the dramatic events rendered on tapestries. With every corner turned it would open up to grand views and sceneries filled with time and stories, or close in to narrow forest paths leading to sacred bogs or sources. At night I would bring my camera with me and get to know the landscape once again and in between warm conversations and meetings with people around Earthwise would bring me even further in my aim to get to know just one of the fractales that is Earthwise and Mols Bjerge"