Elisabeth Groot (DEN)
Performing arts

Elisabeth Groot and her vocal quartet ‘Kvinderåberne’ (Louise Ring Vangsgaard, Mariane Siem, Julie Heebøll) did a work retreat at Earthwise:

Kvinderåberne consists of four singing women, journeying into a landscape animated by danish ballads and improvisations. Gustav Mahler once said “Tradition is maintaining the fire – not worshiping the ashes”​ and Kvinderåberne loves the fire – the silent burn and the powerful rumble. At Earthwise we have shouted in hills and called upon the animals. Maybe even scared them away. We explore everything and we love to share. We are carried by sounds, stories and each other, and in this universe, we create our concerts.

Elisabeth is also teaching nordic sejd, and did several workshops at Earthwise.

"Eagle, oak, ant, and cow – thank you Earthwise and Christine, we were in good hands in all aspects of our stay"