Karine Bonneval (FRA)
Visual Art

Karine Bonneval is a visual artist, who was working at AROS during her residency with us as. Her stay was a part of the Earthbound Residencies by Secret Hotel (website). Her work focuses on ‘plant otherness’ and the complex and specific interactions, which link humans and plants. In her sculptures and installations, we are immersed in a world of organic forms with strong fictional power, where new combinations of vocabularies and techniques go hand in hand with the marriage of art and science. During her residency period she conducted a workshop at AROS and an artist talks at both AROS and Viborg Kunsthal.

In her residency, Karine was working with local researcher and PhD Susanne M. Vogel.

Karine also did a 10 days residency in 2019 at Earthwise.

Karine Bonneval. Photo: Eva Avril

"Walking smelling, feeling. Plants are surrounding us here in the Mols. The soft hills helped my brain to climb and go down: the perfect place for the birth of new questions"