Lily Hunter Green (GBR)
Mixed media

Interdisciplinary artist Lily Hunter Green will stay here in the beginning of 2021 as part of the Earthbound Residencies by Secret Hotel:

Do honeybees have the answers to the ecological balance absent from our world? Can they help shape human cooperation and communication, and beyond that, help us collaboratively adapt to the rapidly changing conditions that we are facing today? There are just some of the questions Lily Hunter Green will explore during her residency at Earthwise. Artistic explorations into the lives of honeybees and their interactions with viruses and the physical environment, inspire Green’s multi-component, interdisciplinary ‘hive’ artworks that use a variety of digital media, coding, and performance to draw attention to rapidly changing ecology and humans’ role in that process. Using her artworks as cultural probes Green, in dialogue with anthropologist and critical feminist scholar, Dr Rebekah Cupitt, will enter into a generative discussion on how a consideration for non-human worlds offers pathways that allow us to speculate on alternative futures that decentre the human.