Liv Vester Larsen (DK)
Music/Mixed media

Liv Vester Larsen, violinist, vocalist, composer, and instructor at the Danish National Academy of Music. From 2024-2025, she has been awarded the KUV Scholarship (Artistic Development Activity) from Danish National Academy of Music with the project title “The Liminal Space – the condition for creating in the tension between nature and culture.”

The award-winning multifaceted artist, Liv Vester Larsen, is trained as a violinist and composer from the Contemporary Creative Artist Soloist program at the Danish National Academy of Music. With an artistic roots in music, text, and conversations, Liv has explored the significance of nature for her own and others’ creative presence in the interdisciplinary project ‘Creative – without Nature?’, since 2018.

Liv has conducted artistic research and audio recordings in places with or nearly without access to nature. The project has resulted in interdisciplinary performances, concerts, workshops, and artistic research with local communities in Denmark, Germany, and England. In 2022-23, the project was part of the Enhanced Practice mentorship program at the Center for Artistic Knowledge and Development. In 2023, the project was part of the international Sustainable Development program for music and performing arts practitioners in Denmark and England at Julies Bicycle, followed by a grant from Art Council England and the State Art Fund for the collaborative project Coalfield to Landscape with Eliot Smith Dance Company.

In the encounter between nature and culture, the natural and the non-natural, a creative tension can arise, described by anthropologist Victor W. Turner as the liminal space. By seeking and establishing different spaces, both physical and mental, where the natural meets the non-natural, Liv’s project attempts to develop methodological approaches to open the door to the liminal space and the creative potential it holds. The natural will take the form of plants and animals, while the non-natural or culturally created will be music and Liv’s physical presence in the natural.

The Earthwise residency has been specifically chosen for the exploration and work with the liminal space, and Liv explores the outdoor surroundings around Earthwise and the National Park Mols Bjerge.

See also her test workshop on the 11th of March 2024.