Sara Bertolucci & Froukje van der Velde (ITA & NLD)
Performing Arts

When we published our open call for our Curious Encounters residency, one of the applicants were artist Sara Bertolucci and anthropologist Froukje van der Velde. With their project titled “Rewilding our sonic communication”, they spent 6-week at Earthwise in a funded residency.

During their stay they hosted a artist talk at Performing Arts Platform, a test showing at Earthwise and a final showing – which was a night spent in Mols Bjerge, sleeping under the starts, and practising the art of communicating with the landscape.

Through the landscape the human voice interweaves with animal and nature sound, creating an ancient symphony spreading through the land. All through dusk, night and dawn, a symbolic and primitive interspecies journey across sound.

Should we tune in, what would we hear? What would we ask, share and sing?

Froukje van der Velde and Sara Bertolucci are the second research-artist partnership that spent 6 weeks in a Curious Encounters residency at Earthwise Residency. During this time they explored sonic communication with the living world in the rolling hills of Mols Bjerge.

Froukje van der Velde //

Froukje is a musician and emerging audio-visual anthropologist from Holland. Moving between activism and anthropology she aims at bringing together worlds in a gentle and spacious manner, using sensorial and audio-visual media. She holds an MA in visual anthropology from the University of Amsterdam, and is the creator of the documentary ‘My Blood, My Medicine’.

Sara Bertolucci //

Sara works on site specific practice and performance-making, and graduated in classical theatre at Scuola di Teatro di Bologna and trained in theatre research at Istituto di Ricerca di Arte Applicata led by Socìetas. In 2022 she won a grant from C.L. Lerici Foundation in Stockholm, having the opportunity to cross Sweden for her research project on Kulning, a Nordic vocal herding technique to call animals and convey messages over the mountains and pastures.