Workshop – Sound with Natural Elements by composer Birgit Løkke
Experienced percussionist and composer Birgit Løkke leads a 3-hour workshop, where we experience the making of music - with cones, stones, branches, and the like.
  • How can one best listen, in silence, to all the sounds the earth, trees, and land have to offer? How does one become a rhythmic “cone choir” together? Is it possible to create a common language with the sounds from the world that surrounds us? Join us when the experienced percussionist and composer Birgit Løkke leads a 3-hour workshop. We will make music with elements from the landscape – cones, stones, branches, and the like.


  • Birgit Løkke’s projects often merge (natural) science and art. In 2021, she performed concerts at Lundsgård Gods with Urklang. Urklang is a newly developed instrument and installation with a 10 m high sound carpet made of chalk stones and tube bells. The instrument is inspired by the ancient chalk sea and built by Bo Karberg in collaboration with Birgit.


  • You will participate alongside the actors from the theater Secret Hotel. In April, Secret Hotel is developing their new walking performance “Under Forest” at Earthwise Residency in Bogens. The performance is based on the forest and everything that lives and resides in the forest, and the workshop is an opportunity to experience some of what the audience will experience in the performance.


The workshop is free. Registration is required at and there are limited spots available.